Photo Inspiration – Old Mission Peninsula

Sometimes taking a drive around your favorite spots leaves a good reminder of why its a favorite!

Old Mission Peninsula, just north of Traverse City, Michigan offers beaches, boating, beautiful views, and wineries!

Car Obsession… Mustang Convertible

In 1964 a Ford Motor Company designer named Gale Halderman created what would become my automobile crush. Halderman along with the talents of engineer, Lee Iacocca, The 1964 1/2 Mustang was born. Of course, this was the year before I was born.

My grandfather, Marshall Peal, was a metallurgist at Ford Motor Company, since his return from World War II to the time he retired in 1976. In fact, he claimed that when he was growing up in Detroit, he had many chances to make side money mowing the Ford Family Farms. His loyalty to the Ford Brand was beyond anything you could ever imagine. My first brand new car was a 1992 Pontiac Grand Am, which when I pulled into his driveway he quickly told me “That’s a pretty car, but it can park on that road right there!” I giggled and quickly moved my car. I had a feeling that would happen…

Maybe this has something to do with my own obsession… or maybe the Mustang is just a beautiful car built with people, just like me, in mind. It’s a sweet, cute, fun ride, especially on a sunny day, with the top down. I’ve owned 4 of them now. Each one with it’s own name, according to it’s personality.

T-Stang was a 2000 Performance Red Mustang with a tan top and a peppy V6. (My bucket list after cancer car)

Bee-Stang was a hot little 2006 Screaming Yellow Pony Mustang with a Black top and the same peppy V6. Who can turn down a car like that?

Betty Lou was my hot little charcoal 2004 Mustang GT… Plenty of power with that V8 engine. My dogs loved riding with the top down and the wind in their fur!

… and finally… My current Mustang… Sally Lucille (Sally, because she’s a Mustang, and Lucille, because she’s a redhead!) a 2020 Mustang with a Turbocharged I-4 Engine that truly surprised me with the amount of pep it has. It’s a truly fun ride!

I’m hoping to continue to own Mustang’s through the rest of my life. I have those goals! My first impression of the Ford Mustang Mach-E was disappointment… but I have to admit… the car is growing on me. When I’m ready to go electric… that may be my choice!

So… does everyone else have a car obession???

The beauty of a walk in the Woods!

The other day I heard there was a bear in the woods behind my house. So I didn’t walk. Today, I decided it was so nice, I had to take a walk in the woods.

The only bear I saw, was the Daisy Bear!

Walking is my favorite way to wind down, and get some exercise. Plus, the woods are so beautiful this time of year!

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Photo Inspiration

I’ve been trapped in my comfort zone lately… so I decided to go through my phone for photo inspiration. Then I ran across the pictures from my cruise to Havana, Cuba from a couple of years ago. Would I go back? Probably… but not on a cruise. I’d like more time to explore! I love the architecture of this town.


The Treasure of Drummond Island

There’s this place in the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There are so many words to describe it! It’s an island in the St. Mary’s Seaway, North of Lake Huron, that is down to earth, friendly, relaxing, and fun… I could go on an on…

What’s relaxing about it… the remoteness offers the ability to sit on the shoreline in a lawn chair with an ice cold beverage and watch freighters from all over the world float by. The sunsets are amazing, and the wildlife is abundant!

The fun factor includes the miles of wooded trails that can be accessed by UTV’s, ATV’s, SUV’s, and Jeep’s. It’s a thing out there! The trails lead you to beautiful places like, the Fossil Ledges, and the Step’s at Marble Head. Regular Daily Driver Vehicles are not recommended for these trips. So load up whatever 4×4 you have access too and plan for an adventurous day in nature!

Ron, standing at the Fossil Ledges after a rocky trip through the wooded trails.

Fishing is a big deal around the Island as well… get in with the locals, and find out when the perch are biting. There are lots of great spots to tuck into around the bays for catching a great dinner. Walleye, Salmon, and Whitefish have their favorite hiding spots as well. Bring your fishing pole!

Just my favorite little Havanese, enjoying some Drummond Island Tritoon Time!

There are a couple of watering holes that you can trip on down to for a great meal, and local fellowship. My favorites: The Northwood, and The Bear Track. They both have great menu’s including fresh caught fish, and delicious steaks.

So make plans to visit Drummond Island soon! It’s worth the trip! You can catch the Drummond Island Ferry at Detour, Michigan for a quick trip across from the mainland.

For more information, visit

Happy Travels!

I have to say something about the town that was considered my high school rival 30 something years ago!

Yes… Frankfort, Michigan… I drove through your town last Friday night. I never really paid too much attention when I was younger, but I have to admit. THIS TOWN IS STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL.

We drove over specifically to have dinner at Dinghy’s Restaurant, downtown; Friday night fish fry! I had the perch, and I have to say… it was nothing short of delightful! The smell of the ribs when I walked in the door made my decision a bit difficult, as to what I was going to order. Next time… I’m getting the ribs for sure!

My misstep: I didn’t have a good camera with me… every bloggers nightmare! So I have no pictures to post. So… here’s where to go for more information on this visit worthy town, located on the Northwestern Michigan Shoreline of Lake Michigan:

So… check it out, and take a roadtrip! I’ll go back for sure… with camera in hand!

Detroit River Monster: nearly 7 foot long, 240-pound sturgeon caught in Detroit River likely a century old!

Thanks to Mlive for this: A photo of a monster-sized prehistoric fish laid out on a boat deck next to a much smaller person is evidence of one of the…

Detroit River Monster: nearly 7 foot long, 240-pound sturgeon caught in Detroit River likely a century old!

Ever fall in love with a place?

In the last year, my fiance’ and I bought a slice of Heaven on the Tennessee River (Kentucky Lake) just outside of Clifton, TN at White Oak Landing. Talk about adorable small towns… This place hits the mark!

The town sits along the banks of the Tennessee River with all the Southern Charm a place can offer. A few of my favorite places in town:

  • Clifton Marina and RV Park.
    • This place has great dinner specials and amazing entertainment. Boat slips and rentals are available as well. A day on the river is better than a day at work! The building actually floats as the river rises and falls. It’s definitely worth a stop!
  • The Bear Inn Resort
    • Cabin themed motel/hotel rooms with a great restaurant. The food was good, and the atmosphere was fun! We stayed here the first time we explored Clifton. We will recommend it for people who visit.
  • The Landing at 100 Main
    • This historical building has recently been renovated into Luxury Suite Rentals. It’s location is perfect, right downtown overlooking the river, and a stones throw from the marina. The architecture is classic and the views are simply stunning!

Nearby towns for further exploration include Savannah, Waynesboro, Pick Kwik Landing, and Linden, TN. Nashville is about an hour and 45 minutes away… It’s a perfect day trip! I can’t wait to go back to explore these further!

Hoping to make it back down to this great place in the fall of 2021!