Sunday Funday… Torch Lake Sand Bar! No words needed.

Sunday Funday… Torch Lake Sand Bar! No words needed.

Mackinac Island by Air!

I really need to keep my good camera on hand more often… Yesterday, we had an opportunity to take an evening flight to Mackinac Island on a friends Mooney 231. The sweet 4 seater plane got us up in the air from Kalkaska, MI to the Island in about a 1/2 hour. Sure beats the 2 hour drive it would normally take

Happiest when I am afloat!

I often wonder if its just me, or does everyone feel giddy when they sit behind the steering wheel of a boat the first time each summer. Torch Lake, located in Northwestern Lower Peninsula of Michigan is my “Home Lake”. I grew up here. It’s crystal blue even on a cloudy day! The south end is famous for it’s sand bar (Not just because Kid Rock wrote a song about splashing through the sand bar!) Sometimes it looks like party central. It’s fun, but I always keep in mind the lake is 20 miles long and there’s more to it than just the sand bar.

Car Obsession… Mustang Convertible

In 1964 a Ford Motor Company designer named Gale Halderman created what would become my automobile crush. Halderman along with the talents of engineer, Lee Iacocca, The 1964 1/2 Mustang was born. Of course, this was the year before I was born. My grandfather, Marshall Peal, was a metallurgist at Ford Motor Company, since hisContinue reading “Car Obsession… Mustang Convertible”