Spider Lake… a Traverse City Treasure!

Just take a walk… and think…

COVID19 has created a less personal world. We are scared to hug, scared to help, scared to leave the house, and scared to express our opinions for fear of getting censored or sent to “Facebook Jail” , so it seems. COVID has torn our world apart… sometimes it seems there’s nothing we can do about it. But we can!

Mackinac Island by Air!

I really need to keep my good camera on hand more often… Yesterday, we had an opportunity to take an evening flight to Mackinac Island on a friends Mooney 231. The sweet 4 seater plane got us up in the air from Kalkaska, MI to the Island in about a 1/2 hour. Sure beats the 2 hour drive it would normally take

Happiest when I am afloat!

I often wonder if its just me, or does everyone feel giddy when they sit behind the steering wheel of a boat the first time each summer. Torch Lake, located in Northwestern Lower Peninsula of Michigan is my “Home Lake”. I grew up here. It’s crystal blue even on a cloudy day! The south end is famous for it’s sand bar (Not just because Kid Rock wrote a song about splashing through the sand bar!) Sometimes it looks like party central. It’s fun, but I always keep in mind the lake is 20 miles long and there’s more to it than just the sand bar.