It’s time to write about myself… ugh! Why does this bother me so? I’m not sure. Anyway, here goes!

I grew up in a small town in rural Northern Michigan… Elk Rapids, which we jokingly refer to as Moose Falls. The town is small, quaint, and extraordinarily charming, with its wonderful shops, and restaurants. It’s a town where you know everyone when you walk down the street.

Downtown Elk Rapids, MI in the snow… so pretty!

I was lucky to grow up here!

Thus, my fascination with the small town… Oh, I’ve been to big cities, and had great experiences (yes, I’ll write about those too…), but small towns are the heart of our country. Each and every one I have been too has something special about it.

That’s just me… I’m a small town girl, I guess!

There’s a comfortable feeling in small towns. It’s salubrious!

Andi McDowell

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