The beauty of a walk in the Woods!

The other day I heard there was a bear in the woods behind my house. So I didn’t walk. Today, I decided it was so nice, I had to take a walk in the woods.

The only bear I saw, was the Daisy Bear!

Walking is my favorite way to wind down, and get some exercise. Plus, the woods are so beautiful this time of year!

The sun beats through the majestic trees!

I didn’t find any mushrooms tonight, but tomorrow may bring a little rain. So hoping for more Morels!

Published by Pealout65

I'm a Michigan Girl, born and raised. I'm a little out of practice with my writing skills, but I love to travel to small towns in the United States, and sometimes beyond! My fiance' and I just bought property on the Tennessee River in Clifton, TN. Once I got exploring the town, I realized what a rich charming southern history was behind this place. I can't wait to go back so I can take pictures tell you all about it! There's a few Michigan favorites as well, including my home town of Elk Rapids, Michigan, and Torch Lake (The 3rd Most Beautiful Lake in the World according to legend, which I whole heartedly agree with.) Oh... and a little warning... I'm a proud dog mom, as well... so there may be a few great pictures of my sweet little Havanese, Daisy Mae, included in my travels. She's a great little companion travel girl!

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